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Mulching Service

To mulch, or not to mulch? – that is the question!

Well question no more folks, because Tree Force has got the answer for what to do with all those cuttings and branches removed from your trees, and of course, that answer is to turn them all into magnificent, moisturising mulch – a mulch so fine, your garden will love you for it! And, when you really think about it, it makes total sense to put back in what you’ve taken out of your garden.

Some more on mulching…

Mulching garden beds and around trees is an excellent idea, because not only does mulching return nutrients to the soil, it also helps the ground around your plants retain water (saving you $$) as well as retarding the growth of weeds (especially if used over a weed matting).

tree Mulching or Mulching garden beds can also help with soil improvement when used over compacted, sandy or clay-based soils. In addition, keeping the soil damp encourages desirable worm activity; which helps to aerate and naturally fertilise the soil (worm poo rocks!).

Plants can be an expensive investment, but one that is so worthwhile. There’s nothing like taking a break from our hectic lives to reconnect with nature. That’s why great the Australian backyard has long been synonymous with leisure time in suburbia. Therefore, maintaining a pleasant yard is an understandably high priority for many people –all year round.
Particularly throughout the hot summer season, keeping your plants hydrated is essential for optimal health and growth – so it makes total sense to use a good quality much to protect your investments from evaporation and dying a dry, dusty death – so make sure you mulch!
Tree Force: Tree Mulching Expert…!